Since 2005, Adavow's founding team has measured and analysed the effectiveness of thousands of digital marketing campaigns. In 2014 we thought it was high-time someone did something to actually improve results. Adavow is our vision.

What Adavow delivers

Better clickthrough rates

Reducing redundant ads immediately increases clickthrough rates.

More sales

Getting the right people to your website at the right time means more sales.

Brand protection

Stop annoying your customers with ads for things they don't need.

Online advertising's last great challenge

The issue of serving ads to people who have already purchased a product has existed since the very start of online advertising. No one has been able to truly solve the problem so far because everyone else has approached it from an internal network point of view. The only way this problem is going to be fixed is by providing a resource that doesn't have any direct financial ties to any particular ad networks, agencies or publishers. Building a neutral platform that's not connected to traditional digital advertising industry players presented us with a unique opportunity to create an API that could be used by any ad network, any other DSP/DMP, any agency or any publisher without creating a conflict of interest.

Adavow's Platforms and Networks

Magento  |  Opencart  |  Google Tag Manager  |  AdForm  |  Custom PHP/Python/JavaScript


Don't worry if your platform/network isn't listed here. We're constantly adding new platforms and networks to the system.
Get in touch to find out more about our roadmap.

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